I’ll pay you when the mackerel strikes.  Mackerel are schooling through an area of ocean for a limited amount of time, so you’re really saying maybe someday.

Close windows and doors.  Charlie Max would say this about early evening in P’town. It cooled down considerably. My mother would want them to stay open: she was still hot.

It ain’t easy owning a quarterdeck.   A boat, or anything you own, requires a lot of maintenance. (A quarterdeck is the stern area of a ship’s upper deck.) Actually, I got this from the movie Down to the Sea in Ships.

The monument and the station open about a foot. A navigation aid:  when the Pilgrim Monument and the Coast Guard Station look to be about a foot apart, keep this “measurement” in mind. You will  keep a certain towing path and stay at a certain depth.

saudade (noun) —  a nostalgic longing

coitadinho (noun; pronunciation: coota-thing) —  poor little thing

I know you don’t know what I mean. Being deliberately cryptic, as when Charlie Max said to a fish buyer, “I’ve got nine or ten of your fish boxes in my dining room. I know you don’t know what I mean.”  In this case, Louise was displaying Mary’s wedding gifts on tiered fish boxes draped with tablecloths.

Just like my fence.  Nani said this in response to someone complaining about a major tragedy, such as losing the boat. Her fence had broken.

I got it.  The answer to “Where’d you get that?” if you didn’t really want to say.

You are dead a long time. Give in to temptation occasionally, such as having that piece of cheesecake.

I’m lost without my tea. Charlie Max loved his tea at night, in the mug he called his draw bucket.

Sit down before you fall down. This advice technically pertains to drunks but can be applied elsewhere.